Is Alwin jouw flirt uit de trein naar Amsterdam Sloterdijk? Reageer nu op!


28 november 2023
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Amsterdam Zuid Op station Amsterdam Sloterdijk verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"To be clear, this was not on a train but when we were waiting for the metro at Station Amsterdam Zuid. You noticed the big blue case I was carrying and wondered what was inside. You asked me and I told you it was fencing gear (swords and stuff). Then we ended up talking about music and about how we both played guitar. As it turned out, our music tastes were quite compatibel. I remember your favorite artist was Billy Eilish and mine was Pink Floyd. Then your metro arrived (M51 to Isolatroweg) and I stupidly decided not to follow you, as I needed to take the M50. When your metro rolled away, someone signaled with a finger heart from inside the train. I knew then that I had dropped the ball. If you recognize yourself from this description, I would love to talk some more about music. Maby whilst enjoying a drink?"


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