11 april 2023
We hadden oogcontact in de trein.
"Dear community, I‘m looking for a Dutch girl I‘ve met today in Napoli, Italy. Both on our Interrail trips. We had a very nice chat at a café in the main train station but I, unfortunately, didn‘t ask for any contact details. Her details: - Dutch with Asian roots - Finished masters in political science - Three-month interrail pass, six weeks in - En-route to Rome from Napoli on 11.04.2023 with the 12:30 train - Already ticked off Spain and went there via France My details: - German - Finished masters in physics - Working (automotive) and living in Munich - Two-month Interrail pass - En-route to Cinque Terre from Napoli via Rome with the 10:30 train - Positano before If anyone has any info, or maybe a better place for this query, let me know. Many thanks in advance 🙏"


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