21 november 2022
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Schiedam Centrum naar station Haarlem. Op station Den Haag HS verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"We looked at each other when we were waiting for the train. You sat across from me, and we had eye contact. A boy and a girl were talking very loud, eventually they left and I said to you in Dutch: ‘thankfully they are gone.’ But I didn’t know you were not dutch, so you could not understand it.. and then I panicked for translating it in Dutch. And then… you showed me a message on your phone. It said: you have the most beautiful eyes I swear. I thanked you. I did not ask for your number/instagram because I was overwhelmed by the handsomeness of you and because you talked English. I would love to go on a date."


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