15 maart 2021
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Utrecht Centraal naar station Rotterdam Centraal. Op station Rotterdam Alexander verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"I noticed you first as I waited for the train on the platform. As the train approached and I wanted to get in, I was excited to see you were getting on in the same wagon. When you sat down in front of me, a feeling of excitement and shyness came over me. Our eyes met and it was then that I noticed your beautiful blue eyes. We both pulled out a book. You were reading Sapiens, in English. I chuckled behind my mask. The whole train ride I felt this energy hanging in the air. I thought of a million ways to strike up a conversation, or else hoped you would. But as we were sitting in the silence area, I was also worried not to disturb the other passengers with me throwing flirts on you, haha. Oh my god I should have just asked you hows the book, or given you a note, SOMETHING!!! You were wearing a dark green Napapijri coat and I believe a dark red colored beanie. You had a black North Face backpack. Now all I can do is hope you see this and listen to Beautiful by James Blunt until our paths cross again. Btw, I was the black haired girl with the dark blue Quicksilver sweater who was glancing at you not so subtly."


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