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7 februari 2020
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Schiphol Airport.
"Niet op de trein maar Schiphol, ik weet niet of diegene die ik zoek Nederlands spreekt dus bericht gaat even in het Engels :) Hi stranger, It’s Februari 7th 2020. You and I traveled from London Luton to Amsterdam, and as we were both too cool to wait in line to board we sat and waited until everyone had gone before us. You were doing some work on your laptop, I killed some time keeping the guy at the small snack shop busy. Our eyes locked a few times, and I liked it. We didn’t sit close to each other on the plane but just before getting of in Amsterdam you saw me looking at you, and it seemed you liked that. After others got up I lost you out of my sight and left the plane way after you did. I did take my time and had to walk quite a bit to finally reach the exit, having passed plenty of shops and cafes. Even though I kept looking if I saw you anywhere I eventually gave up hope.. So I checked my phone to see when the next train would leave and saw I had some time to grab a quick coffee. And as I am waiting for my coffee I turn around and there you are, sitting at a table right in front of me! Surprised and excited but not quite sure If the “connection” I had felt between us was just coming from me, I decided to give you a smile and walk away to get my train. I’ve regretted this ever since! Wish I had been brave enough to walk up to you and say hi. It’s a very long shot but I would love to know what would have happened if I did. X Girl with the green jacket, black backpack."


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