29 april 2019
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Utrecht Centraal naar station Maastricht. Op station Eindhoven Centraal verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"You were already in the train when I joined at Utrecht Central station. We looked at eachother multiple times during the ride. You asked me (in English) if this train was going to Roermond because your phone was empty and you could not read the messaging board in the train. You had beautiful brown eyes, brown long hair. You were wearing a white with black sneakers, a long black skirt, a black top and a black long warm winter jacket. Soft pink nail polishes. You were wearing 3 silver rings on your hands. On your left middle finger a ring with a big black stone in the middle. On your right middle finger you were wearing a big silver octopus and on your right ringfinger another silverring. You were also wearing long hanging earrings. A combination with black stones and a done red one at the bottom. You were also carrying a black handbag. I was wearing a light blue shirt, business suit trousers, a black coat and a had a black laptop bag with me. I would love to get in contact with you again. Please send me a message."


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