Is Asaph jouw flirt uit de trein naar Amsterdam Amstel? Reageer nu op!


28 december 2018
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Ede-Wageningen naar station Amsterdam Centraal. Op station Amsterdam Amstel verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"I took the train that was headed to Amsterdam at Ede-Wageningen at around 9 am and I had to change my seating location so that I could be with my friends. This led me to you; a beautiful lady whose hair was beautifully plaited. I sat directly opposite you. You were working on something on your laptop and after a few minutes, you switched it off and started reading a musical book. I couldn't help but notice your enthusiasm towards music and that's how I started having a conversation with you. You told me that you're into music and that you believe that music is a combination of talent and practice. We talked about my liking of RnB, a bit of soul and hip hop music and you told me that you were also into soft music and more specifically to jazz. I informed you that I'm a student at Wageningen University and that I have been living in the Netherlands for 1 year and 4 months because I'm doing my master's degree. We then talked about Africa and you said that you'd love to visit Africa, especially Morocco but I challenged you to visit other African countries like Kenya (my home country) where we have a lot of safaris. You agreed to consider it and after the discussion shifted to my main interest of the day which was to visit Amsterdam and roam around the city. You gave me a list of things that I should do/visit in Amsterdam, a list that I gave the title; 'Recommendations by Joan'. That's when you got to know my name; As Soon As Possible Hero (ASAPH). The conversation was great and I enjoyed talking to you but unfortunately, you got off the train at the Amsterdam Amstel station even before we could exchange contact/link up on social media. I was so much engrossed into the conversation that I forgot to ask for your contact. However, I do believe that we can link up and continue having a fantastic conversation again. Regards, Asaph."


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