The guy at the

27 augustus 2018
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Groningen naar station Den Haag Centraal. Op station Zwolle verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"Hey handsome, Till Zwolle we shared the same compartment. It was Monday august 27. Our train departed from Groningen at 18:48. You were sitting in a 4-seat next to the window. While relaxing from my visit to the city and museum, I noticed a pretty lady with expressive eyes at the other side of the aisle. Our eyes meet across and you gave me a beautifull smile. I am a little bit shy in this matters and didn’t respond directly. But the second time we had eyecontact I returned you the favour. And lucky me… you answered my smile. Some time after that, the inspector was passing by for ticket control. The girl (a foreign tourist I guess) sitting next to you appeared to have a not valid travel license. May be due to a misunderstanding or something,… I don’t know. But you stepped in and offered her a ‘take-somebody-along-ticket’ for the train ride to Zwolle (there she had to buy her own ticket to Delft CS). The inspector protested: “we can not make our own rules with those tickets”. May be he fell for your charm for eventualy he accepted your offer. You saved the day for a stranger. That was a very kindly thing to do. We shared a smile of understanding once again. So what I know about you is not much, but it means something to me. You’r not only good-looking but also a very nice person. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to talk to you for all seats near you were occupied. Apart from that I was travelling with my brother and parents. So it was not quite the occassion to get acquainted in an easy way ;). You left the train in Zwolle allong with the two backpacker lady’s and your (just arranged) travelling companion. I tried to make eyecontact to say good bey, but didn’t succeed. You and the others were in a hurry to the exit. I hope you will read this message and if you ‘remember’ me, I would like to have a drink with you in Zwolle or elsewhere. Actually I don’t know what language you speak in general. You spoke English with the tourists next to you. Therefor I stated this message in English. Even if you speak Dutch you’r worth my translation effort ;)). Any way … I love to see your beautifull smile again and to get to know one another but that’s entirely up to you. Bey! The guy at the other side of the aisle"


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