23 januari 2018
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Haarlem naar station Leiden Centraal. Op station Leiden Centraal verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"Invisible Cities - I. Calvino Today around 12:30 I got in the train from Harlem to Leiden Central. When I finished my phone call, the girl behind me thought it was good time to spray her deodorant lavishly. This was my cue to move. I went up the stairs, walked into a quiet coupé where three women were sitting. I sat myself down and was greeted by a quick, slightly nervous smile from the girl opposite the aisle. I thought nothing particular about it -- just a kind acknowledgement of my existence by a stranger traveling in the same direction. But the fast looks and smiles kept coming. I enjoyed the attention but didn't know exactly what to make of it. To pass the time, I started reading some magazine -- keeping you in the corner of my eye. You did everything to catch my attention... First, you started extensively cleaning your (reading?) glasses. They were clean to begin with, but that didn't seem to matter. When they were crisp, you got a book from your handbag and started "reading". Well, you attempted to, but somehow, something kept you from concentrating. The book was stuffed with deep pink notes that kept tumbling out, and that you had to re-arrange constantly. When my attention drifted off a bit, I saw you were frantically looking for one that had fallen to the floor. But instead of scanning the floor, our eyes crossed -- and again there was that quick smile. As the train approached Leiden Central, I could feel your look as I leaned over to the window to see if I was on the correct platform. We got off the train together (you walked behind me). I had to go left, you went right... P.S. I was wearing a brown leather jacket, I have blond hair and a dark beard. I am used to people staring at me. But your look was different. I hope we'll share a coffee sometime and talk literature."


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