20 oktober 2017
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Schiphol Airport naar station Nijmegen.
"We both got on in schiphol, me in the last few seconds before the train left. I changed my seat at Amsterdam Zuid, and glad I did so... A gentleman in a very stunning suit sat in the silence coupe on the opposite side of my seat. I noticed you staring at me every now and then, and I purposely stared and smiled back at you. We both changed at Utrecht, and when leaving the train you offered me to carry my bag, such a nice gesture! I warned you that it was heavy, but you didn't mind. You carried my overly heavy bag to the platform and I thanked you, wished you a nice evening and took my bag to cross to the other side of the platform. I truly regret not having asked you to join me for a coffee, and so I hope that maybe there is a chance you'd see this message. I saw you later get on the same train as me, however you went to the silent coupe, I went to the general coupe besides yours hoping you'd notice me and join. Sadly I've not seen you since that platform moment. If you do see this message; I hope we meet again. I'll be back on schiphol on the 6th of November for a very early morning flight. You're most welcome to join me for breakfast"


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