Michael van der

20 juli 2017
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Schiphol Airport naar station Den Haag Centraal. Op station Den Haag Centraal verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"I'm not sure if you speak English. Our Dutch, but I'll stick to English to be sure. I sat across from you, we both got into the train at schiphol, you were wearing very pants, black jacket with small stripes, flat open shoes in the color beige, your purse was the same color basically as my shirt. I was wearing light blue /greenish pants, black all stars and had gold ray Ban aviators with blue reflective glasses. I was reading a book, trying to sleep at some point, but I felt I needed to talk to you all the way. I couldn't, because what you didn't know is, I was still stuck in unresolved emotion from saying goodbye to a very special friend at schiphol I can not get you out of my head, the whole day I've been thinking of you and how much I regret not saying anything. I sincerely hope you find this message and feel the same way."


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