19 november 2015
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Amsterdam Sloterdijk naar station Haarlem. Op station Haarlem verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"We saw each other at the station, waiting for the train at 17:17 to Haarlem. You were with an older small man and i was with my two bags just behind you. We boarded the train and were sitting on the iron of the doors in front of each other but did not look at each other until we reached Haarlem. As the train approached Haarlem we finally had an eye contact and i felt like no one else was in the train but us. I then rapidly turned towards the doors while i was blushing from looking in your eyes. I stepped off the train in Haarlem and you also but we went different directions. I know this may sound childish and silly but if you read this and felt the same about this all crazy thing than i hope to hear from you soon."


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