Girl in the gre

7 augustus 2015
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Roosendaal naar station Amsterdam Centraal. Op station Amsterdam Centraal verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"Brussels South-Midi to Amsterdam Centraal I know the chances are very small that I will find you, but I love to try :) We saw each other for the first time on the platform in Brussels South - Midi. Because no one stepped into the train, you asked me if I was taking that train (Fortunately I was taking that train!) and you asked if we were allowed to get in. Because I didn't know you tried to open the train and found a place to sit (and I followed you:)) You sat one row behind me (but faces to eachother). We had a lot of eye contact and smiled a lot! You asked me if I was going to amsterdam, I said I was going to rotterdam (but eventually I didn't, because I had to go to utrecht so I could go via Amsterdam as well, and now I was able to look at you a bit longer:)) You asked me if I had a pen, but I couldn't find one:( So stupid, every time you said something to me (the pen, where I was going), I answered you, but got a bit shy and didn't talk more. So stupid that I didn't asked your name and phone number! When we arrive at Amsterdam Centraal we both got off the train, you said bye to me and I smiled. Later I realised that I realy want to see you again, so I looked for you but couldn't find you anymore. Maybe you see this, or someone you know sees this! you seemed super nice and I would love to give you a tour in Amsterdam (or Utrecht) or get a drink somewhere (or both:)) You (men), (If I remember correctly): brown hair, stubbles, blue shirt from jack and jones, a pair of shorts with holes and a piercing in your eyebrow. First you had sneakers on, then you changed them for a weird (but nice:)) kind of flipflops. And you had a big red travelbag. You looked like a (really cute!) backpacker :) Me (women): long/half long brown hair, brown eyes, green dress with jungleleaves on it (with a little black), yellow flipflops, blue suitecase and a black handbag. And I have a few blue locks of hair, but these are not so visible. hopefully till soon!"


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