Is A jouw flirt uit de trein naar Boxmeer? Reageer nu op!


14 juni 2024
We hadden oogcontact in de trein vanaf station Nijmegen naar station Venlo. Op station Boxmeer verloren we elkaar uit het oog.
"Small chance you will read this, but it wont harm to try. We met Friday morning shorty before 7:00. I got on the train at station Cuijk. When I took a seat opposite of you, you told me you liked my (fluffy) bag an thought it was quite original. Your remark surprised me. You side glanced at me when I put on my lipstick and continued reading your book, in Russian I believe. We were in the train together only for a short time as you already got out at station Boxmeer. Before that, we had eye contact shortly. After you got out, I regretted that we didnt speak more. Maybe we will meet again..."


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